RE5 drops split screen ball

Image from Destructoid.

Image from Destructoid.

Destructoid is reporting a bit of an oddity on Resident Evil 5 – apparently the split screen multiplayer doesn’t use up the full screen; not by a long shot. Instead, the two perspectives are cut short on both sides, with a lot of blank space left on the screen. They are also off centered from each other, and judging from the screenshot, it’s rather weird looking.

For most, including me, this isn’t going to upset you. I had no intentions of playing co-op locally, with or without a more properly implemented split screen. Still, it’s a shame that Capcom didn’t invest a bit more time when creating this mode for the sake of those looking forward to it.

Read more at Destructoid.


One Response to “RE5 drops split screen ball”

  1. TheLimper Says:

    Did they do this to keep the perspective correct? I guess if Gears of War can use the full screen so can capcom.

    I really don’t give a shit either. I doubt I’ll ever play this game local co-op, and if I did I don’t think this would ruin my fun at all.

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