Update: Older Cooper Lawrence video surfaces, still ignorant



Update: As reader Bob Stinson so lovingly told me, “yo ass needs to do more research before talkin’ smack on the Coop,” or something to that effect. You see, apparently the video is actually older than when the Coop bashed Mass Effect for being a hardcore sex simulator. I said otherwise, shame on me. While the video did surface on Gametrailers today, it actually took place some time ago. That’s fine, and I’ll keep that in mind, but every bit (aside from the before Mass Effect reference, of course) still holds true. Mistakes are mistakes, and I’ll try to make less of them going forward. Thanks for pointing that out.

Well, it looks like the moron that goes by the name of Cooper Lawrence has always been as fair and balanced as Fox News when it comes to video games (in other words, not at all).

Joining the clueless crew on Fox, the two hosts introduce Cooper with a title she undoubtedly made up for herself, where she then goes on to spew a steaming pile of crap about video game addiction. From that point, the trio babble on, playing off each others complete lack of knowledge on the subject.

The real kicker is, the entire time the interview is playing, clips that dominate the segment consist of kids playing Super Mario 64 and PSX games, which only cement the fact that we’re dealing with people who don’t understand the topic at hand.

According to Cooper, if you have the desire to play more games, or think about games while not playing them, you’re an addict. Shit, I guess I’m an addict – and so are you. Also, apparently kids go beyond pouting when games are taken away from them. Yep, she says they won’t eat, they won’t sleep – apparently they just rot away, slowly turning into a corpse. Sorry lady, but I’ll need some evidence for that.

The guy on the right goes on to claim that younger people don’t talk to each other, and are not conversationalist. In a truly stereotypical manner, he says this is due to the isolation that comes along with playing them, you know, in basements. I kid you not, he says in the basement. As for the social aspect, I’ve been more social with friends since I’ve grown up thanks to video games and Xbox Live – which is an enormous community.

Here’s the thing, if you’re going to host a segment with some truly negative things to say about something, it’s better to know about the subject at hand. Apparently Cooper was destined to piss gamers off, as she went on to ignorantly bash Mass Effect. The Mass Effect incident truly had an effect on Cooper, who later came out and apologized for her statements.

The three show how truly in the know they are when speaking about which games they play, including Pac-Man, Tetris and “The Asteroids from 1979.”

The piece ends on an all too telling quote, where the lady in the middle says “we don’t practice what we preach.” So you’re fessing up to not knowing what you’re talking about, right? Then tell me, why the fuck are you preaching about it?


3 Responses to “Update: Older Cooper Lawrence video surfaces, still ignorant”

  1. Bob Stinson Says:

    The video you are speaking of happened 6 months BEFORE the Mass Effect thing. Maybe you should do some fact checking instead of attacking people for not doing factchecking.


  2. Justin Says:

    Read the update, and thanks for the comment.

  3. TheLimper Says:

    This just in Cooper Lawrence is still clueless.

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