Neversoft gives up one franchise to wear out another



Neversoft is finally giving up on the Tony Hawk series, it appears. Unfortunately for the gaming world, that simply means that it’s passing the franchise on to a different developer, not retiring it. Apparently it’s sick of whoring out the series, and is ready to focus full time on whoring out the Guitar Hero franchise.

Neversoft head Joel Jewett confirmed this via an interview with Montana-based paper the Great Falls Tribune, which, from what I understand, is not looking to compete with the New York Times.

From the article:

“Neversoft plans to release more sequels to the ‘Guitar Hero’ series – including the much-ballyhooed ‘Guitar Hero: Metallica’ set for release during the first quarter of this year – but the company has let the Tony Hawk series go to another developer.

‘It’s probably best for the franchise … it’s time for someone else to add fresh ideas to it,’ Jewett said.”

Jewett is probably right. The series has went downhill ever since the first sequel, and that was a long, long time ago. Still, it’s funny to see Neversoft making this move while it’s currently in the process of wearing out another franchise in Guitar Hero.


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