Another Code R trailer, Wii continues to look good in ’09


I’ve been harsh on Nintendo in many recent posts, but for the most part, it has been warranted – being a fan of the company for many years, I just don’t agree with a lot of what the big N is doing these days. This post, however, isn’t going to be negative.

A story trailer for Another Code R (the Japanese sequel to Trace Memory) recently hit the web, and it’s really well put together. It’s an all Japanese trailer so I can’t understand a damn thing it says, but it certainly left me wanting more. Although there is no current release date for the US, it’s expected that it will hit American shores, giving Wii owners another game to look forward to.

I’ve mentioned in the past that this is the year Nintendo must prove that it still cares about the hardcore gamer. My opinion on the subject is every bit as strong now as it was then, but at the very least, 2009 is looking to prove that third party developers are going to support the system with quality titles. More and more, I add another game to my Wii ‘must buy’ list in ’09, and after the oh so painful 2008, that’s a pretty nice experience.

Nintendo published and Treasure developed, Sin and Punishment 2 is set to kick all sorts of ass (art from original Sin and Punishment).

Nintendo published and Treasure developed, Sin and Punishment 2 is set to kick all sorts of ass (art from original Sin and Punishment).

Currently my playtime is absolutely dominated by Xbox 360, and while there are still plenty of great games coming out for both it, and the PS3, the Wii will have its own unique set of games that will hog some of that time for itself. That’s great, because that’s what I expected with the Wii in the first place. Screw shoddy ports, screw children’s games that end with ‘Z,’ and screw endless amounts of casual crap – give me something special for the Wii. Afte all, that’s when developers make the best Wii games. It seems like that concept might be getting through to them after all these years.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Games like Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes and De Blob are all excellent games designed with the Wii in mind. Hopefully this year brings more than a just a couple of those titles, and that’s looking to be the case. Little King’s Story, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Sin and Punishment 2, Punch Out!!, Fragile, the TMNT fighting game, and of course, MadWorld; all of these titles look great. Hell, even The Conduit is starting to convince me that it might be better than I expect. There’s no telling what WiiWare games will hit, but most gamers are pretty damn excited for Cave Story, too.

A Cave Story Wiimake? That's an actual port I'll be down with.

A Cave Story Wiimake? That's an actual port I'll be down with.

The gist of the post is that Wii owners have a reason a lot of reasons to be excited this year. That being said, I hope all of these games pull in some good numbers, because if they don’t, third parties will take note. And, let’s hope that Nintendo has more to add to the list than Punch Out!! because while I’m sure it will be great, it has to bring more to the table.

Look, if the game is already this far into development, give Factor 5 the damn money to finish off its Kid Icarus Wii project. Despite letting out the abortion that is Lair, the company has done some really great things in the past, and back in the GameCube days, it helped push and develop technology for the little purple box.

Who knows, they might be able to pull it off, and at the very least, it will give Nintendo fans something to look forward to.


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