VGA viewership takes downward spike



Variety is reporting that the Spike Video Game Awards Viewership is down 26 percent from 2007. That might have something to do with the entire show being garbage, but I’m not sure.

On a serious note, it really isn’t hard to figure out just why the show bombed. Obviously, the awards show is geared toward gamers, but when the ceremony is full of nothing but wannabe glam and glitz, that audience isn’t going to give a damn about the show. The VGA’s had way too many unfunny, and painfully awkward, skits, which took up too much time.

Really, it’s hard to describe who exactly would enjoy what was presented. The spectacle came off as if Spike wasn’t quite sure which crowd to market to, and it opted to make a huge collage of bullshit.

There were some exclusive trailers that the gamer community did want to see, however, so it’s unsurprising that Variety later updated its story to add that digital numbers were much better. Weekly unique hits at the VGA site more than tripled from 2007. Basically, people realized they weren’t forced to watch the terrible show, and could instead go download anything interesting that happened.



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