Ben Fritz says PS3 is for smart gamers, prefers riding on horses of remarkable height

Benjamin Fritz III

Benjamin Fritz III

Variety video games reporter Ben Fritz must really think he is awesome; almost as awesome as his PS3, but not quite. In a recent post, he focuses on why the PS3 is selling so poorly, despite being the superior console. After breezing over the actual reasons the console is performing poorly, such as price, consumer confusion, a lack of good exclusives, price and price, he comes up with his own conclusion: the PS3 is too artsy, and smart for the common gamer. Being a genius himself, he obviously opts for the PS3.

“Odd as it is to say, I think Sony may just be too artsy,” Fritz said. “It’s giving smart gamers (a category in which I’d include myself) what they want and it’s not helping the bottom line.”

He goes on to cite the poor sales of Sony’s big holiday release, LittleBigPlanet, implying that only fans of “artsy” games see the value in it. It’s called poor timing, Fritz. The industry called it before it ever hit shelves: LBP would suffer because Sony, in a completely moronic move, released it amongst the juggernauts of the industry. Rather than getting it out a bit early, or perhaps even delaying it beyond the holidays, Sony chose to lump it in with the rest of the crowd in a losing battle.

I have LittleBigPlanet, and love it, but as a game that gets better with age thanks to user created content, people will opt to wait on it over, say, Fable II. LBP being artistic has little to do with its failure, and while Sony published it, the game is Media Molecule’s baby, so give them the credit. It failed because of horrible marketing, which seems par for the course with Sony these days.

What I find funny is that in his opening paragraphs, Fritz owns up to the PS3 have “a lack of good exclusives,” yet the entire basis of his post is based off “exclusives.” It’s best not to contradict yourself so early on when trying to make a point.

Next, he hails PSN as some home for creativity, leaving WiiWare and XBLA with fewer indie games, and “more ports of old favorites, and frankly, more junk.” I just hope he can still edit his post, because as far as consoles go, the 360 is home to indie games now that XNA has launched. Seriously, anybody can make games for the damn system now, and make some money to boot.

However, it’s his next words that are sure to split a side or two:

“Of course there’s ‘Home.’ Sony’s answer to Xbox Live is to basically mimic “Second Life,” the heavily hyped virtual world that was actually used by just a small number of artsy-minded Web obsessives.”

I’ll try to reply in such a manner that it doesn’t give away the fact that my mind is blown right now. First off, Home is little more than a poor man’s Second Life, which has little to do with Microsoft’s Live service. The fact that its online features are so well organized and streamlined make the $60 a year entry fee worth it for me, and I wish Nintendo and Sony would follow suit.

Apparently Fritz loves throwing the word “artsy” around, and if he considers either Second Life or Home art, I truly fear for him. The service is like Second Life Light. Home is a place infested with virtual idiots, standing in front of huge billboard advertisements pretending to dance.

This post wasn’t intended to be so much of a rant, nor was it supposed to be this long, but upon reading the article multiple times, I just couldn’t help it. It’s Fritz’s “art artsy art PS3 is for smart people” attitude, and his lack of knowledge on the current generation of consoles he speaks on that irks me.

The PS3 is not the home for smart gamers, and Sony isn’t too “artsy” for its own good. Beyond the PS2 (which, by the way, sold a dickload and had plenty of artsy games), the company got arrogant. Between its various leaders, it has made truly boneheaded moves, the worst of which is assuming that people would pay for a $599 gaming system, Blu Ray support included or not.

Fritz ends with a message to his PS3-ownly community far too complex fer us simple folk:

“Plus ca change…”

Although it’s highly unlikely, I’d love a response from Fritz himself. For now, I’ll leave with what I’ve said, but just understand that Sony did everything it could to screw up this generation. The gaming world was in the palm of its hand, and it messed that all up with the PS3.

Fun Fact: Ben Fritz uses the word art or artsy seven times in his article.


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