Eidos announces I-Nin…I mean, Mini Ninjas



Eidos sent out word of Io Interactive’s newest project, Mini Ninjas, starring…miniature ninjas (video here). The game is heading to Wii, 360, PS3, PC and DS, so if you’re interested, there’s a good chance that Io has you covered.

The game is definitely sporting a cutesy feel, which should be expected of any game with the word mini in it. Based on the released screens, it’s a pretty safe assumption that the Wii is the lead version as the only apparent difference in quality between it and the other versions are the resolution.

“Mini Ninjas represents a truly special game for us,” said Niels Jorgenson, General Manager of Io Interactive. “The whole team is very excited about it, because it is unique in so many ways. From the art style to the characters and the depth of the game – Mini Ninjas has that exceptional appeal, which is sure to keep both young and old very entertained.”

Come on Io, the word "unique" might be pushing it.

Come on Io, the word "unique" might be pushing it.

Let’s not get carried away there, Jorgenson. Look, I’m not passing judgment on the game yet, and based off of the screens, it could be a fun title. However, the entire concept and art direction isn’t all that original. I think a certain ninja over at Namco might have a problem with that claim, and believe me, that little bastard can kick ass. In fact, he’s likely already stalking you, Jorgenson, waiting for the perfect time to strike. You’re fucked.



One Response to “Eidos announces I-Nin…I mean, Mini Ninjas”

  1. TheLimper Says:

    Looks pretty uninspiring to me.

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