Putting the diss in Dissidia


Game Trailers has a few new Dissidia: Final Fantasy videos up, which judging by the rating, many people are enjoying. Curiosity is just killin’ my cat here, so I have to ask, why? I’ve yet to find one video that doesn’t appear to be an avid Square fan’s lame fanfic.

The idea of getting a roster of characters together for one big showdown can be really cool, with Smash Bros. being a prime example, but Dissidia just looks stupid. After watching five or six videos, every single one of them have featured a random Final Fantasy character spamming a spell or move over and over, doing minimal damage, and flying around like an idiot.

The stage design looks terrible and camera problems are all over the place. The gameplay looks like a nightmarish blend of Crouching Tiger flying around, a typical RPG battle system and a “fighting game.”

I’m calling it: Dissidia will get boring within an hour of playtime


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