Could a sequel to A Boy and His Blob be bouncing to Wii?



GoNintendo spotted an interesting blurb at the end of an online Game Informer article. The article consists of DS and Wii impressions of a bunch of Majesco games most won’t care to read, but thankfully they did. At the end of the article is a tasty little rumor the guys at Game Informer are stirring up:

“Concluding our visit with Majesco, we learned of a certain rumor regarding a certain boy and a certain gelatin-like creature. It involved a new 2D adventure that could possibly take place on Wii. It’s all rumors and speculation, but we’re hoping to eat a lot of jellybeans in the near future.”

It’s pretty damn obvious Game Informer is talking about a Wii sequel to A Boy and His Blob. If it does indeed happen, I wonder if Majesco will go the WiiWare route or go for a full-fledged disc game. Either way, long time fans of the classic should be excited.


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