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Blood will spill in Cyanide’s upcoming Blood Bowl

February 11, 2009


We accept any chance to indulge in more Blood Bowl information with open arms. So, it was a pleasant little surprise to see Destructoid conduct an interview with Cyanide detailing the game.

For those who might be worried, there will indeed be blood:



New Aliens vs. Predator game hitting 360, PS3 in 2010

February 11, 2009
Aliens all the way.

AVP:R movie poster

While I may doubt Sega’s ability to create good in-house games, I don’t doubt that they’re pretty damn good at scouting out great games to publish, MadWorld being one of the best that come to mind.

It looks like Sega is adding another game that all 360 and PS3 owners should look forward to: a new Aliens vs. Predator title being developed by Rebellion. Rebellion are the guys and girls behind the 1999 Aliens vs. Predator game, and while I never actually played it, I’ve heard amazing things about it.

Being a fan of the Alien movies (well, Alien and Aliens, anyways), I’m pretty damn excited. Unfortunately, the game isn’t set to come out until early 2010, and that’s not factoring in potential delays.

Left 4 Dead DLC free to 360 and PC

February 11, 2009


In an unprecedented level of awesome, Valve has just confirmed that its upcoming Survivor DLC will be free of charge on both the PC and 360. Yes, you read right, free for the 360.

How did Valve pull this off when Microsoft wants to nickel and dime people by charging for practically every form of DLC? Well, clearly you have to be Valve. I suppose if Microsoft has exclusive Left 4 Dead console support from the juggernaut of a developer, it might be nice of them to loosen the chains just a bit.


Tell us how you really feel, Wanat

February 11, 2009
Pete Wanat

Pete Wanat

Wanted: Weapons of Fate executive producer Pete Wanat had a few choice words to say about multiplayer titles, but his statement is all too true.

“For the most part, we waste our money and our time building multiplayer levels,” Wanat said to Gamespot. “And why do we do this? Because a couple of years ago the press was all about saying, ‘This game has to have multiplayer, there’s no replayability.’ F*** that. That’s a bad joke.”

It’s hard not to see where he is coming from.


EA brings the G.I. to coincide with movie

February 11, 2009


Uh oh, is EA looking to head back to their licensed whoring mediocre games of old? If so, this is what we get for not buying enough copies of Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge.

Whatever the case, a G.I. Joe game is set to release along side the upcoming movie is coming out courtesy of EA and is said to continue the story beyond the movie’s ending – which I’m sure will be a real tear jerker.

The game features 12 G.I. Joe characters, a single-screen co-op mode that is sure to work as swimmingly as Fable II’s co-op, and it’s in development for every platform outside of the PC you can imagine – for some reason, I get the feeling PC gamers won’t be too jealous.

Another update on the site

February 11, 2009

Today turned out to be a rather eventful one for the site so I figure I’d update with one last bit of information before heading off to bed.

Reset Glitch become an official business, which should all but seal our tickets to E3 for this year. So unless something odd happens, we should have some nice coverage come E triple. We’ll also be swapping hosts, which I think we’ve found a pretty good one – I suppose only time will tell. Hopefully this marks the days of being forced into linking poor quality You Tube videos.

In the mean time, the site may or may not go down during the swap – having never done this before, it’s going to be a learning experience. If that does happen, we’ll get everything back up and running as soon as possible, so fear not!

Although all of this may seem insignificant to many people, it has me more excited to be working on the site than I’ve ever been in the past. Hopefully we can continue getting support little by little, and eventually turn Reset Glitch into something special.

Fallout 3: Operation missed opportunity

February 10, 2009


Last year saw another huge lineup of awesome games come and go, and one of the best of the bunch was Fallout 3. So obviously when Bethesda announced their plans to continue Fallout 3 through DLC, I was very excited. Just looking at the screenshots of Operation: Anchorage was enough to make it an instant purchase for me.

Well now that I’ve completed Operation: Anchorage, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. I really wanted to love it, but Bethesda took everything that was great about Fallout 3 and threw it out the window. I’m sure that everyone is familiar with the setting of Operation: Anchorage, so I won’t bore you with those details. I just want to take a minute to vent on the shortcomings of the expansion.


Four new Brutal Legend screenshots

February 10, 2009


These new Brutal Legend shots, courtesy Kotaku, certainly look good. My hype level for this game has been all over the place, but at the moment we’ll just say it’s ample. With all the gamer cred Tim Schafer has it’s only fair that I give Brutal Legend the benefit of the doubt.

One of my biggest issues comes with Jack Black voicing main character Eddie Riggs, who just doesn’t look like a Jack Black character (OK, aside from the facial expressions). It’s hard to not find it a bit jarring every time I see Eddie speak a line.

Nevertheless, these latest shots look damn good and I’m digging the art style. If Brutal Legend is good enough, I’ll have little problem getting over Jack Black’s vocal work.

Check out the gallery after the jump for the rest of the shots.


Hey there paesanos, it’s the making of the Super Mario Bros. super movie!

February 10, 2009

Talk about a must see for anyone who has ever watched the horribly awesome Super Mario Bros. movie. The above clip is a “making of video” I stumbled upon over at GoNintendo.

It’s hilarious listening to the directors speak about their vision for the film, somehow passing it off as having close ties to the actual videogame. Still, there vision certainly turned out to be quite “unique,” I’ll give them that.

Although it will always be one of those titles that looked at as one of the worst movies of all time, is it wrong that I consider it a guilty pleasure? Maybe, but it is – for real and for true.

Slow news, busy day and Reset Glitch happenings

February 10, 2009

The site is updating at a slow pace today, but I can assure you I’m working my ass off just as hard as any other day. So while the news may be trickling in, it’s all for a good cause – that cause being E3 ’09.

Currently, I’m trying to line up all of our credentials and make sure we’ll be all set to make a return to La La Land for what will likely be the best gaming event of the year. On top of getting the credentials, I’m trying to get some help along with me to make the flow of content significantly better come E3.

So far it’s looking to be Michael and I providing most written content, but if all goes according to plan, we’ll have Chris G. tagging along with us to take care of the photos. While having a total of three people is still a small crew to work with, it’s better than working alone.