Bob’s game creator is a tool


Bob’s game just lost a ton of credibility. In an obvious attempt to garner some Internet fame, Robert Pelloni proved to not only look like a complete asshat, but also be one. He and a few Asian girls decided it would be neat to raid the Nintendo store advertising Pelloni’s non-existent DS title as if it were actually going to be releasing soon.

Not only did they whore the bland looking “game” out to customers by handing out posters, they also taped them all over the Nintendo World Store in New York, threw some form of bob’s game cards all over the floor, and annoyed employees.

It’s funny to see how much good will Pelloni has lost. When he began his100 day shut in, most sites were on his side. Now, well, everyone sees him as a complete tool. Watch the You Tube video and lose any remaining respect you may have had for him. And Bob, get fucked.

Ah well, at least with stunts like these, it won’t just be Nintendo who ignores him, it will be the entire gaming industry.


5 Responses to “Bob’s game creator is a tool”

  1. Michael Says:

    A shitty game by one person.

    How is that anything new?

  2. roboghostjay Says:

    You know, I saw this guy’s game of what he showed online. The production quality looks like sh*t. All the characters look like edited RPG Maker or FF sprites and all the extra stuff around them is crap. Maybe Nintendo would have recognized him if his game didn’t look like one of those POS games people make in their spare time. That is the problem with being one guy making a game. People have teams so you have people that are good at making the different aspects. He may have programmed the game well, but I don’t know about his story. Either way, a game made by someone who can’t do visuals doesn’t work. I’m not being a graphics whore, I
    m just saying he has no skill at visuals. He needed better presentation and he needed to be more professional about it. Acting like a child and breaking all of his stuff on video/photos is the worst move ever. I do not support Bob’s Game because he is a bad developer. Maybe if Bob had a team, Bob’s game would be better/successful.

  3. Michael Says:

    You nailed it robo.

  4. Derrick Says:

    I don’t know anything about this Bob or his game but I can tell he is a douche. While the game is impressive for one person to do it also seems like he is living in a dream world, a world where he thinks everyone should immediately see how great it is. To the average person it looks boring, outdated, repetitive and very mundain. There may be more depth and some fun to have with it but the way he is going about promoting it – no one will ever find out. Even still I think someone should give him a chance and publish it, why not? Unless it’s just that bad and surely to make no money. More options are a win for everyone. Still a douche though

  5. Mikester Says:

    This could be a textbook case of the worst possible marketing ploys… When you want to pitch a concept (be it a game, movie, novel, etc.) to a production studio… you do NOT antagonize and disrupt their business to get their attention!

    Rather than internet fame, he’s going to achieve notoriety… or at least a restraining order.

    And what kind of tagline is “A game made by one person”? Is there nothing more compelling to the gameplay/story? Do gamers really want a title that’s major selling point is that it was made by one person? How and why is that a good thing? If you’re on a car lot, and you ask “What’s that one over there?” And the dealer replies, “Oh that’s a car that was designed and built by one person.” I am not going to buy that car…

    In addition to what Robo said, you *at least* need a QA team to rigorously test for bugs, breaks, etc…

    Plus the game doesn’t seem like much of one honestly… you just walk around talking to people in familiar settings… Where were the puzzles, action, etc.? I’d rather read a book than play “walk around + dialogue.”

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