Dead Space heading to Wii



In an attempt to make my “no significant news hitting today” comment look silly, EA CEO John Riccitiello dropped a bomb: Dead Space is heading to Wii. Although few details have been confirmed, the announcement came during EA’s Q3 financial earnings conference call.

“We’re bringing core intellectual properties and franchises in categories we think we have legs on the Wii platform,” Riccitiello said. “A good example of this is Dead Space. We’re bringing a Wii title to the market this year and it is absolutely going to be the quality and fear factor that you got on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC SKUs in this past year.”

Color me surprised. We’ve all heard the rumors, but I honestly didn’t think it was happening. I’ve always held firm to the belief that Dead Space absolutely benefits from the beefier tech of the PS3 and 360, but I guess we’ll see what EA can pull off on Wii.

It’s already been hinted that Wii MotionPlus will be implemented, which can only be good.

EA has been an a hot streak lately, so I’m going to give them a vote of confidence that they can pull this off. Wii owners should be extremely excited as Dead Space proved to be one of the best games of 2008, and with it set to launch on Wii in 2009, I anticipate a similar level of quality.

No words on just how this Dead Space title will play out, but IGN says they’ve been told it will be an “original take on the game.”


One Response to “Dead Space heading to Wii”

  1. Michael Says:

    Cool announcement for Wii owners. It’s going to be really rough on the eyes in comparison to it’s HD brother.

    Hopefully they don’t just port it over with motion controls. The graphics and sound were probably Dead Space’s strongest attributes.

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