Don’t mess with the Sess

I'll kill you in your sleep.

I'll kill you in your sleep.

Wow. In a short seven minutes, Adam Sessler managed to gain my complete and total respect. In his latest Soapbox, he absolutely shreds moronic readers who cared to dispute his 5 out of 5 for Killzone 2.

If you are anything like me, you would assume it would be Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys on the attack, but you would be wrong. For as great as the Internet is, it will always be the No. 1 place to find outspoken, loud and completely idiotic people that must be heard. In this case, it was a bunch of Sony fans.

How could they possibly argue a perfect score? Well, watch the video to find out. Maybe I should pay more attention to Sessler, I never realized how entertaining and ballsy he can be.

There is something to take away from all this, too – that’s how truly petty and pathetic some gamers can be. This is not a Sony exclusive fanbase, this same story could unfold across all consoles. Visit a forum for one day and it’s pretty damn obvious that idiocy runs rampant.

I’ve said it in a previous article, and I’ll say it again: It’s fine to be a fan of a company, but it’s not cool to be so loyal as to write off the competition or eat up any piece of shit game with your favorite companies logo on it. It’s also absurd when people get so defensive over review scores or written words that don’t match up to their own.

So what if your 9.5 worthy game only averaged an 8.5? For fuck’s sake, I gave my GOTY 2008 to a game that scored a 79 at Metacritic – clearly I’m in the minority with that.

What these rabid fans need to understand is, it’s cool to disagree and it’s even OK to be disappointed with a score, but be reasonable. Take a deep breath, calm down, and make a comment worthy of people’s time.

At the end of the day, we’re all gamers and even though we may have our favorites, we should all just love good games be it 360, Wii, PS3, etc. It’s a shame that the vocal minority live up to their name, and are quite loud, moronic and vocal.


One Response to “Don’t mess with the Sess”

  1. derrick Says:

    I have always sorta liked Adam, he’s funny and has always spoke his mind. Sure him and Morgan are tools on X-play and perhaps turn into zombies a little more with every passing show but I never hated him like so much of the internet does. He does good intervies on AOTS and honest commentary about all the systems/games.

    I agree people need to be more open minded and less overly ignorant/loyal to specific consoles/games. It’s hard to have a honest conversation about a game without some douchebag ringing in a bunch of bullshit. The video was def worth watching, Adam rules

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