First Left 4 Dead DLC announced



It was only a matter of time before Valve unlocked Versus mode for the two remaining Left 4 Dead scenarios stripped of it. Apparently that time is spring of this year, which will come in DLC form titled the “Survival Pack.”

Reactions so far seem to be partly excited, partly disappointed, and partly pissed, but at the end of the day I have a feeling Valve won’t have an issue getting people to fork over the money. A new multiplayer mode, called Survival, will also come with the pack, but the press release doesn’t go into detail on it.

There’s no doubt that it would have been nice to have these at release, or for Valve to have given them to us for free, but in comparison to most DLC, I’m not going to get upset over it.

Everyone should have seen this coming, and long before this announcement I was already prepared to pay for the addition of Versus mode. So really, Survival comes as a bit of a bonus, and depending on what all it entails, it could be a relatively big bonus at that.

Buck up, pal, you know you want this.

Follow the link for more information, and more on exclusive PC DLC.


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