Tell us how you really feel, Wanat

Pete Wanat

Pete Wanat

Wanted: Weapons of Fate executive producer Pete Wanat had a few choice words to say about multiplayer titles, but his statement is all too true.

“For the most part, we waste our money and our time building multiplayer levels,” Wanat said to Gamespot. “And why do we do this? Because a couple of years ago the press was all about saying, ‘This game has to have multiplayer, there’s no replayability.’ F*** that. That’s a bad joke.”

It’s hard not to see where he is coming from.

“What it does is it hurts the single player game,” he said. “You don’t get to add multiplayer at not cost. If you’re going to make a multiplayer version, you take people, time, and money away from the single player experience.”

Wanat goes on to state the obvious that not everybody is as large a company as Bungie, and that certain games, think Call of Duty, call for it while others don’t.

I agree that the gamer community has come to expect multiplayer in every title, or at least every first person title, and that really shouldn’t be the case – especially when a huge focus is on the single player adventure.

So not only do many companies take away time and resources from that, but they also create lackluster multiplayer modes that lack any activity beyond the first week once everyone heads back to Halo 3.

I can only hope that Bioshock 2 has a focused, single player only mode like the original did. Save the deathmatches for titles that actually warrant them, please.


One Response to “Tell us how you really feel, Wanat”

  1. Mikester Says:

    I agree with his sentiment and I’m so glad to see someone in the industry finally point this out.

    Those who cry for multiplayer modes in Bioshock or Metroid should pay heed to this guy. It’s not just that some FPS gameplays are poorly suitable for deathmatch, but it does take extra resources and development time to produce multiplayer! Which, in the event of a smaller company, will detract from the single player.

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