Left 4 Dead DLC free to 360 and PC



In an unprecedented level of awesome, Valve has just confirmed that its upcoming Survivor DLC will be free of charge on both the PC and 360. Yes, you read right, free for the 360.

How did Valve pull this off when Microsoft wants to nickel and dime people by charging for practically every form of DLC? Well, clearly you have to be Valve. I suppose if Microsoft has exclusive Left 4 Dead console support from the juggernaut of a developer, it might be nice of them to loosen the chains just a bit.

Many have bitched that this should have been on the disc and that it should be free, well wish granted (minus the disc part). Personally, while it should be free, I was OK with paying for it – lord knows it’s still more content than 90 percent of the other crap we get. So now that it actually is free, well, Valve just earned a spot on my list of awesome developers.

Apparently we’ve come to the point where we pat developers on the back for what should be anyways, but it’s hard not to be happy about this situation when every other developer would have charged for it.


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