New Aliens vs. Predator game hitting 360, PS3 in 2010

Aliens all the way.

AVP:R movie poster

While I may doubt Sega’s ability to create good in-house games, I don’t doubt that they’re pretty damn good at scouting out great games to publish, MadWorld being one of the best that come to mind.

It looks like Sega is adding another game that all 360 and PS3 owners should look forward to: a new Aliens vs. Predator title being developed by Rebellion. Rebellion are the guys and girls behind the 1999 Aliens vs. Predator game, and while I never actually played it, I’ve heard amazing things about it.

Being a fan of the Alien movies (well, Alien and Aliens, anyways), I’m pretty damn excited. Unfortunately, the game isn’t set to come out until early 2010, and that’s not factoring in potential delays.


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