Mario makes a fur coat of Sonic to fight cold of winter Olympics

February 10, 2009 by


Whenever something sells millions and millions and millions of copies, rest assured more of that something will be made. So if anyone is surprised that more Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is heading to a Wii and DS near you, slap yourself. Hard.

Apparently we should start getting out the winter clothes, because it’s looking like this time around Mario and Sonic are taking it to the winter Olympics.

Having played the original, I can only hope far less waggle is involved. The material to make a compelling Mario and Sonic crossover is there, and winter sports can indeed be fun. However, Sega really needs to take a look at what made their Beijing Olympics game so damn mediocre.


EA brings the Dogg to Rock Band

February 10, 2009 by
I'd put money on it that Snoop's steak is made of weed.

I'd put money on it that Snoop's steak is made of weed.

First it was country and now it’s rap that is looking to make its way to Rock Band. Don’t take the italics too personally – I actually welcome the diversity of all forms of music. I am curious about EA’s take on the “Rock” in the title and if it would ever consider changing it.

Scratch that, I’m not curious at all. Rock Band is essentially a platform now and there’s no way EA would ever ditch it because of the inclusion of other forms of music. With that, we’ll soon see the introduction of Snoop Dogg and some of his classic tracks, as unveiled by the Doggfather himself.

I think we should be thanking the guys at EA for not making 8,000 different versions and packs like Activision and all of their lame SKU’s. But now that we’ll soon be seeing rap in Rock Band, how about some J5, EA? We need some Quality Control while under The Influence.

Review Roundup – Killzone 2, Flower and Fire Emblem edition

February 10, 2009 by

From time to time we like to put up a review roundup of sorts to see what recent or upcoming releases are getting on their report card. Although we’re not suggesting anyone has to agree with review averages (we often don’t ourselves), it’s nice to see the general consensus on a game – especially if you (me) lack the funds to take chances with potentially mediocre titles.

What we’ll do is take the quote tagged with the review score from the highest, lowest, and a somewhere-in-the-middle score.

With that, here are a few game averages from Metacritic (all scores will be in Metacritic form):


Killzone 2 (PS3): 92 percent based on 45 reviews

1UP – 100

“With its unparalleled graphics, incredibly well-paced single-player campaign and in-depth multiplayer offerings, Killzone 2 has established its place among top-tier console shooters. Expectations on Killzone 2 had reached ridiculous proportions; here’s one of those cases where the game actually lived up to them.”

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Yuji Naka speaks with Eurogamer

February 10, 2009 by
Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka

Eurogamer recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sonic’s papa Yuji Naka for a slightly entertaining, but not exactly revealing, interview. Still, any interview of the man who created Sonic is certainly worth a look.

His response to Eurogamer’s question on how he feels Sonic is being handled today is one part funny, one part sad. Naka completely dodges the question, but throws in that the franchise is in the capable hands of Sega – you know he wanted to brutally blast them.

To see the steady downward spiral of a character that Naka has to hold close to heart must be extremely upsetting. I wish the Sonic would get back on track, but it seems Sega has little interest in making that happen.

Ben Dutka on Edge, Destructoid pushes him over it

February 10, 2009 by

Destructoid has a humorous post up by Jim Sterling that went completely over my head until someone linked me to an article that made it all make sense.

I’ll put this as simply as possible, Sterling made an article mocking another article made at PSXExtreme. The article being mocked was one where writer Ben Dutka at PSXExtreme proved he shouldn’t be writing to an audience.

In another example of Sony fanboyism, Dutka’s post goes on a rampage against Edge for giving his beloved Killzone 2 a 7. He really got upset when Let’s Tap received an 8. Blasphemy! ┬áSeriously Dutka, grow up.

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New footage – The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

February 9, 2009 by


GameTrailers has just unleashed a slew of new footage of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. This latest footage absolutely blew me away when I watched it. Starbreeze wasn’t exaggerating when they said they completely redesigned the graphics. What was once an amazing looking Xbox game, now looks on par with some of the best games of this generation.

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Capcom “shows off” Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop, hilarity ensues

February 9, 2009 by

Seriously Capcom, are you even trying when it comes to the Wii? Capcom is ace on the 360 and PS3 front, but when it comes to Wii, it’s safe to say that their support is rather lacking.

Dead Rising: Chop til you Drop isn’t looking to prove me wrong. In fact, it looks like complete and utter ass.

We’ve all pretty much known this, but some new videos that surface on the games Japanese site further cement this game as being toned down to complete and utter garbage. The only thing that makes the tiny clips watchable is how hilariously pathetic they are.

Whatever you do, watch the You Tube clip up top. It’s priceless.

Stop to shoot and slow to aim, Joystiq defends Resident Evil 5 controls

February 9, 2009 by

Ludwig Kietzmann over at Joystiq put up one of the more intelligible defenses of Resident Evil 5’s control schemes in a cleverly titled article “Don’t shoot, or I’ll move! (A Resident Evil 5 defense).”

Still, some of the reasoning in his argument are the type that continue to baffle me. Yet again it’s thought of as “odd” that someone who loves Resident Evil 4 might take issue with Capcom’s latest venture into the series when it controls so similarly. And naturally, Gears of War 2, however unwarranted, finds its way into the argument.

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Hypefest ’09 – Round 1

February 9, 2009 by

It’s funny that nearly every year, the gaming community dubs the present one the “best year in the history of games.” I’m guilty of thinking similar thoughts as well because let’s face it, seemingly every year we are barraged with tons of great games. When they are hitting, it seems almost impossible to remember a time where great games were released – until the next year when the same process happens all over again.

For as amazing as 2008 was for gaming, 2007 was equally as great. If it didn’t have the quantity of ’08, it certainly had the quality as ’07 produced my top two games of this generation with Super Mario Galaxy and Bioshock.

What I’m getting at is every year of gaming seems to be equally as amazing as the last, and 2009 is proving to be no different. We’re only in February and there are already far too many must-have games for me to possible buy them all – and just think about when E3 comes around and even more games are unveiled.

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New screenshots of Cursed Mountain

February 9, 2009 by
Cursed Mountain likely has a mountain that is cursed.

Cursed Mountain

Some new screenshots of the upcoming Wii game Cursed Mountain can be seen in all their Cursed Mountainy glory in the gallery below.

The game is shaping up to at least look quite nice, and hopefully Deep Silver can deliver equally impressive gameplay. There’s still not a ton of details known about the project, but it’s looking to be another serious effort for Wii owners, which is always a good thing.

Check the gallery after the jump.

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